Speaker Joanne Loton

Speaker Joanne Loton


Joanne Loton

Executive Producer/Creative Producer/Director

GarageGirl Media Ltd.

Documentary maker, immersive/interactive investigator, and engaging team leader - I believe that stories must be designed from within outward. Stories follow form. The choice of narrative structure, the why and the how in the use of tech, and an understanding of the experience you want to create can lead to a transformative experience. I challenge myself to understand why I'm telling a particular story in a certain way and always ask myself - why now and why am I the the one to help tell this story?

Past projects include immersive full dome experiences, interactive VR filmmaking, photographic installations; short and long form documentaries with topics ranging from sky jackers to feminist pornographrs to weather bomb chasers; creating physical installations for Nuit Blanche, and working on blue chip broadcast series for channels such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic, History Channel, A&E, MTV, EPIX, and Amazon.

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