Speaker Emilia King

Speaker Emilia King


Emilia King

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Pink Moon Studio

We're an end-to-end media company based in Toronto that creates edgy and distinctive content that rises above the noise. As a writing and producing team, our stuff has a unique POV and signature style. The through-line between everything we make is that it says a big FU to the status quo.

At Banff, we're looking for a distributor for our feature film, "Lean Out" (shot in Toronto & Cartagena). "Lean Out" is a touching and totally honest semi-autobiographical coming of age movie that shines a light on the patriarchy in the academic world and examines the pressures faced by two ladies from totally different worlds as they approach the big 3-0. Prior to distribution, we're going to be pushing a festival strategy for the film.

We're also looking for financing partners for our next feature, our feminist stoner zombie movie, "Pretty Ripped", as well as for our two feature docs "Canada's Blackface Secret" (exploring race relations in Canada) and "High and Dry: The Road to Cannabis Justice" (a look at the inequitable consequences of weed legalization in Canada on marginalized communities).

We're also looking for buyers for our edgy but totally heartfelt docuseries, "Kings of the Cache", which, in each episode, brings together a different group of strangers from completely different backgrounds in a social experiment that takes them geocaching to the world's most gorgeous places, and forces them to find themselves along the way. 

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