The Next Normal: A special white paper report

The Next Normal: A special white paper report

Prepared in support of BANFF Spark, "The Next Normal" offers a snapshot of the disruption more than a year after the first pandemic-induced lockdown with a focus on how the production world is adapting to keep pace with technological advancement and evolving consumer behaviour (including demands to address diversity).

The editorial team brings expertise in the Canadian, as well as the global, content landscape, to unlock lessons and help the production community spot key opportunities for the future.

In particular, this report offers the chance for BANFF Spark participants to share how they've been disproportionately impacted by the global health crisis – but are willing and able to lead out of lockdown.

Key findings:

  • Streaming swept up traditional media: The pandemic accelerated the digital-first transformation and broadcasters are recalibrating to focus on streaming ambitions
  • The pandemic upended content production and distribution channels: New models are emerging from PVOD for movies to the adoption of virtual production processes to fastrack pipelines.
  • Diversity and inclusion are top of mind: new initiatives, investments and employment standards abound, as the industry seeks to hold itself to account as well as tap into the financial benefits of previously marginalized audiences.
  • 'She-cession’ needs to be addressed: women-led businesses, historically undercapitalized and struggling to find financing, are seeing pressure on funding agencies
  • A ‘firehose of opportunity’: as production resumes, there is a bounceback in commissions – particularly for international productions – as well as new models of co-productions and co-financing. It’s the roaring ‘20s for feel-good, family-friendly, formatted content.

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