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Writer/Producer (2024 Diversity of Voices & 2022 Banff Spark Accelerator Participant)

Hedyeh Bozorgzadeh

Hedy is an Iranian-Canadian filmmaker with strong interest in writing/producing socially-conscious stories that focus on voices from the margins.  She is a UBC Film Program alumni, and the recipient of the Canada Council for the Arts Scriptwriting Grant as well as the National Film Board F.A.P. grant.  She has completed producer trainee internships at the N.F.B. and B.C. Film, and participated in Toronto’s L.I.F.T. Film Mentor Program.  Hedy has (co)produced shorts including, Jude and the Jinn (2015), I’m nobody who are you? (2006), A Vision of Unity (2004), At the Root of Randall (2002), Quitezanato (2002), and The Temptation of Mrs. Anderson (2001).  She served as the Project Coordinator on The Coloring Book: Digital Stories by Artists of Color, a community initiative at the N.F.B. (Pacific/Yukon, nominated, Leo Awards 2009).  Brother, Man is her first feature project and is selected for the second round of consideration for the 2020 Sundance Development Track.  Hedy won the Whistler Film Festival Power Pitch 2019 for the project!

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