Little Engine Moving Pictures

Owner, Executive Producer

Maria Kennedy

Little Engine Moving Pictures is an award-winning, creator-driven media production and distribution company specializing in live-action CGI hybrid, animated series and companion interactive content for an international audience. We pride ourselves in producing and distributing original, progressive kids and family series that travel the world, like Cutie Pugs, Canada Crew and Now You Know, which has sold into over 100 countries. Little Engine is constantly looking to push the envelope with bold, innovative, uplifting and entertaining storytelling that makes a positive impact in young audiences and fosters a deeper awareness of the world we live in.

Our competitive advantage lies in our name: we're a boutique production studio with world-class creators and experienced team members that produce and distribute award-winning global content. We offer great bang for your budget because we’re bringing amazing creative combined with Canadian financing, tax credits, and optimal exchange rates to the table.

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