Story Home

Writer, Director, Story Editor

Leah Walker

STORY HOME was conceived after realizing there’s very little support outside of production companies or networks to develop projects in a way that sustains the vision of the creator, while also addressing script concerns and meeting industry standards. STORY HOME is a creative space in which writers can find an advocate for their story. Someone to steer them back on track if they encounter a roadblock. A place where they will be encouraged to dig deeper, be more truthful and to get at the essence of their story.

Part story editing service, part wholistic narrative guidance, STORY HOME will provide a safe, inspiring space for writers to take their stories to the next level. To help those writers of projects with funding in place but who are now are dealing with ‘notes’ in order to move onto the next phase. STORY HOME will offer a range of script development options for the rookie who’s never written a screenplay and needs guidance through the process, as well as the experienced writer who’s on the umpteenth revision but not sure whose story it is anymore.

STORY HOME will be a place for both new and experienced storytellers to further develop their voice and get it on the page. The services offered at STORY HOME will match the needs of producers, production companies and networks who need to hire a story editor to work with their writers and creators to strengthen their story in order to move into production. STORY HOME will also cater to individual screenwriters who have gotten a little lost in a sea of notes, well-meaning feedback and industry barriers.

STORY HOME will offer support to writers of all levels, from newbies as they create their first screenplay to those with much more experience but in need of the encouragement of someone with fresh eyes and story wrangling experience.

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