Natosi and Kokomiki’som Production


Darylina Powderface

Kokomiki’som Production is a platform for storytelling, centring the voices and experiences of Indigenous kin and relatives from across so called Canada and beyond these colonial borders. This first started out as a similar idea that was shared between Shawanda and Darylina, where they both discovered together, their desire to collaborate on a number of projects that they hope to create some impact and bring change into their communities located on the Treaty 7 Territory. Shawanda Backfat is currently enrolled in Mount Royal University's Journalism program, double minoring in Film and Anthropology. Darylina Powderface is a storyteller, actor and digital media Creator and inspirer. In the Spring of 2020, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Simon Fraser University's Theatre Performance Program. Shawanda and Darylina's moms are first cousins through their maternal side of the family, the Back Fat family in Siksika, Alberta. Their motivation to accomplish their passion projects is inspired by their tenacity, capabilities, hopes, desires and dreams, to share their gifts to the collective good, and to hear and share stories.

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