Backlight Productions Consulting

Independent Producer

Laura Heath Potter

Toronto-based Production Consulting company Backlight Consulting offers a Content Partner (Broadcaster/Streamer) and Distributor Relations Tutorial, providing a behind-the-scenes crash course for emerging producers who have not previously had that experience or are looking to improve results. This hands-on service builds confidence and provides a deeper knowledge and tools to skillfully communicate and manage interactions with partners.

Backlight Consulting is led by Laura Heath Potter, an industry veteran with more than 20 years of film and television experience. Throughout her career she has developed and cultivated relationships with a large network of contacts within the production, broadcast, streaming, and distribution industries. A creative problem solver whose strategic thinking and counsel is sought and trusted by top-level executives, Heath Potter has worked on award-winning films and original series across many genres, including scripted comedy, drama and kids, lifestyle, documentary, factual and reality.

As a Consulting Producer Heath Potter utilizes her solid business acumen, industry knowledge and communications and publicity experience to advise new productions and producers on best practices as they navigate the complex relationships and demands of Content Partner relationships, deliverables, and expectations.

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