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Writer (serialized drama)

Kat Montagu

I have been a writer and screenwriter my entire life, but came to producing in my 30s.

A senior instructor at VFS in the Writing and Film Production departments, I am the author of the bestselling non-fiction book The Dreaded Curse: Screenplay Formatting for Film & Television, which Instructors and Professors are using to teach screenwriting at Film Schools and University campuses from coast to coast.

I am the senior story editor for Crazy 8s, but I have moved away from story editing (which was my primary job in the industry for many years) and back into writing and producing. I have produced many short films and co-produced a feature film.

I am a citizen of Canada, Britain, and Australia. I want to be staffed as a writer on a show with the goal of learning to produce television. I'd like to get my more ambitious projects into development with a more established production partner and be the primary producer in some more modest productions.

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