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Vesta Giles is a writer, director, and producer in Kamloops, BC. Her Movie of the Week, Daughter for Sale (Odyssey Media, Inc.), aired on the Lifetime Network USA (2017). In 2018 she wrote and directed the short film, When I'm Dead (Telus Storyhive Digital Shorts 2018). She was also a finalist in the Women in the Director's Chair Short Works Edition for her short film script, A Moment of Your Time. Later she received another Telus Storyhive grant for a Music Video. Take Down These Wall s is a song composed by Brian Tate and performed by Vancouver's City Soul Choir. The video was performed in artistic ASL featuring deaf artist, Landon Krentz. It was released on May of 2019 and has played at the Toronto Independent Film Festival, the Orlando Film Festival, where it was nominated for Best Music Video. It was also nominated for a Golden Sheaf Award at the 2020 Yorkton Film Festival. Vesta was a runner up in the From Our Dark Side writing competition sponsored by WIFTV for her web series proposal, The Gentleman's Guide to Practical Pathology. Take Me Home, the pilot episode for Allegory, another webseries, won the web series category in the People's Pilot writing competition. In 2019 Vesta was a recipient of a Banff Storyhive Fellowship and finished writing / directing / producing a documentary on the Dirt Chix, a women's mountain biking group from Kamloops for Telus Optik. The Dirt Chix: Making Time is now available on Youtube and Telus Optik on Demand and is distributed by Ananda Media. It recently won Best Sports Film at the Toronto Women Film Festival and aired at the Bicycle Film Festival. Vesta recently codirected Sit Stay Search, a documentary on search and rescue dogs, for 3 Stones Productions and wrote the pilot for The Participant, their Storyhive webseries for them as well.

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