Fiona Rayher

People know Fiona as a filmmaker (last film, Fractured Land), public engagement specialist and entrepreneur (previous company, Gen Why Media). She studied political science and communications, and then social innovation at the University of Waterloo. Now she’s Co-founder and CEO of Hoovie.

Here’s what sparked Hoovie: While touring Fractured Land across North America, Fiona discovered that when people watch a timely film with like-minded people in a unique and more intimate space, this creates a much richer experience than going to a movie theatre, or watching alone through a screen at home.

Hoovie is a platform that makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to build community through social cinema experiences. Hoovie was started to create a new, passive revenue stream for filmmakers - and build community through cinema. The goal is to redefine the moviegoing experience to be social, human and conversational so it’s once again an essential part of people’s lives.

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