Pink Moon Studio

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Emilia King

Pink Moon Studio is an upstart, end-to-end production company based in Toronto. We have an originals division, where we produce films, documentaries and podcasts and a branded division, where we create really cool content for some of Canada’s most exciting brands.

Headed up by writing and producing team, Emilia King, Evan King and Maggie Reid, we create edgy and distinctive content that rises above the noise. The through-line between everything we make is a commitment to examining and challenging the status quo.

We’re currently in post on our first scripted feature called "Lean Out”, which is a bitingly honest, semi-autobiographical, (late-ish) coming-of-age movie that explores how two polar opposite PhD students navigate social norms, patriarchy, and prolonged adolescence as they approach their 30th birthdays. It was shot in Toronto, ON and Cartagena, Colombia.

We’re in production on a soon-to-be-announced investigative true crime podcast with Rogers Frequency Network that attempts to track down a prolific Canadian serial romance con artist who’s duped women out of over a million dollars and is still on the run.

We’re also about to begin production on our feature documentary, “Sorry for Being Racist", which uncovers Canada’s hidden history of anti-Black racism and stars one the country’s leading race and Blackface experts, Dr. Cheryl Thompson.

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