Tanya Gough

Tanya Gough has extensive experience in content management, interactive, multi-platform projects, and storytelling. She has been at the cutting-edge of emerging technologies, including dynamic web development, eCommerce, app development, social media, and data-driven interactive projects, and she brings a unique blend of tech-focused process capabilities and language-based communication skills to StoryBilder.

Previously, she founded the Poor Yorick CD & Video Emporium in Stratford, Ontario, which also served as the home base for a Shakespeare-specialty catalogue with the largest collection of Shakespeare-related video and DVDs in the world at the time, selling to customers from theatre and academia in 42 countries.

Subsequent clients include: Research in Motion, Shoppers Drug Mart, Harris Broadcasting, Sony (Japan), the City of Toronto (Enterprise Business Division), Smoothmedia UK (corporate intelligence research via Goldsmiths, with a specialization in AI and the future of work), and a wide range of startup companies in industries as diverse as recycling technology, gaming, law, medical education, and interactive media. Some of her favourite projects include: developing an interactive education program to help medical professionals talk to their patients about advanced care planning, lit reviews on bias in AI and the future of work for Fortune 100 companies, and helping to restore a work of art stolen by the Nazis in WWII to its rightful owners in France.

She is the author of two young adult fantasy novels, and her short story "T-Minus" was published in the Feb 2019 issue of Amazing Stories Magazine. She has also served on the Board of Directors for the Sunburst Awards, one of Canada's leading science fiction and fantasy prizes, since 2015.

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