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Cjay Boisclair

Cjay Boisclair is a writer, director and producer from Kamloops BC. As part of a very small film community she branches out into many areas of filmmaking. Cjay started her career as a background performer and actor and quickly progressed to writing her first short script, The Bench, which performed well in film festivals.

Her second script, Stood Up, won her a seat in the Women in the Director’s Chair – Short Works Program, where it was chosen for a grant for funding. The resulting dialogue-free short film is currently enjoying a robust film festival run, playing in 98 international film festivals and garnering over sixty awards or nominations.

Now in production of three social service documentaries and pre-production for her first feature film, a lengthened version of her award-winning short script, The Bench, Cjay divides her time between being a mom and helping to run Askem Talent in her hometown with her husband, Duane Boisclair.

She is also not very good at writing bios.

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