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Director, Producer

Ying Wang

Ying Wang is a Chinese Canadian filmmaker based in Vancouver BC, Canada, A migrant navigating between multiple cultures, Ying is fascinated by stories that reveal the geopolitical complexity of global migration.

Her younger sister developed a mental illness after immigrating to North America. Inspired by her sister’s experience, Ying wrote and directed her first feature film "Sisters". 

Her new documentary "The World is Bright" is Ying’s second film tackling the topic of mental health from a broader sociocultural perspective. Following the 10-year journey of an elderly Chinese couple searching for the truth behind their son's death in Canada, the film is a tender portrait of family, and migration, and an indictment of state bureaucracy. Ying received the Sea to Sky Award at the 38th Vancouver International Film Festival in September 2019 and Emerging Canadian Filmmaker Award at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival in 2020. 

Her credits as a documentary filmmaker also include producing "Tricks on the Dead: The Story of Chinese Labour Corps in WWI,” a Canada-China-France co-production that won two 2016 Canadian Screen Awards and the 2015 Vancouver International Film Festival Audience Must See Award.  

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