GarageGirl Media Ltd.

Executive Producer/Creative Producer/Director

Joanne Loton

Documentary maker, immersive/interactive investigator, and engaging team leader - I believe that stories must be designed from within outward. Past projects include immersive full dome experiences, interactive VR filmmaking, photographic installations; short and long form documentaries with topics ranging from sky jackers to feminist pornographers to weather bomb chasers; creating physical installations for Nuit Blanche, and working on blue chip broadcast series for channels such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic, History Channel, A&E, MTV, EPIX, and Amazon.

Interested in creating full 360 degree concepts and start-up companies that include multiple touch-points e.g.: live events, workshops/skills training, merchandising, programming experiences that play across linear, digital, VR/AR, immersive experiences, and games. Platform agnostic all the way - audiences want to immerse themselves in content that transcends screens - it's up to creators/programmers to make it worthwhile.

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